IS THIS IT? [2011]

Libretto - Rosalind Haslett

When an extra angel appears in the foyer of the opera house, the management is thrown into confusion and it soon becomes apparent that this is no ordinary angel. One man must take action to save the theatre, the audience, the earth, not to mention the heavens, from the angel in the foyer.

Angel - female voice,  Manager - bass

with tenor saxophone, percussion and harp

8 min.



for soprano with bass clarinet, percussion and violin

commissioned by the Dr K Sextet

4 min. 


THREE LOVES [1992]       

   - The Rose

      text: Anon, medieval English

   - I Loved a Childe

      text: Anon, medieval English

   - November Night

       text: Hwang Chin-i (c.1506-44) trans. Peter H. Lee

3 songs for 3 sopranos                                           

7 min.                                                             


NESCIENS MATER [2000]                                   

a capella male quartet                                

(counter-tenor, 2 tenors, baritone)

selected by spnm from call for pieces


O VOS (vocal version) [2000]                                 

for three sopranos                                        

3 min. 

Audio clip available - use LH menu



SLEEP CLOSE [1999]                                           

song for soprano and piano

text: Gabriela Mistral trans. D. Pettinella                         

selected for spnm shortlist 2001-2004



text: Kathleen Jamie                 

for soprano and piano                                             

6 min.



text: Jo Shapcott                                  

for solo soprano                                                       

2 min.                                                             


PIG - 2 songs for Baritone 

      - PIG [2002] 

      text: Jo Shapcott                                  

for baritone and toy glockenspiel 

Arrangement for soprano and toy glockenspiel  

3 min.                                                 

      - WEE WIFEY [2002]          

      text: Kathleen Jamie     

for baritone and piano

3 min. 


CABBAGE DREAMS [2002, revised 2009]

text: Jo Shapcott                      

for tenor/soprano and piano                                               

6 min.     



text: Jo Shapcott

for female vocalist with egg shaker

5 min.