Trios and larger mixed chamber ensembles including works for clarinet quintet, cello octet, saxophones and for recorders


for multiple clarinets (in E flat, D, B flat, Bass and Contrabass) and string quartet

28 minutes

commissioned by Ronald Woodley with funding from Birmingham Conservatoire BCU Research funds 


ORISHA OSUN [2010]                                                                                                     

soprano sax with sax sextet and percussion

7 mins


3 pieces for saxophones

i) O Vos for saxophone trio (AAA)

ii) O Frondens (AAT with keyboard/piano)

iii) Hildegard Dances (AATB)

10 mins



for cello octet

3 mins

IRIS OF SKY [2005]                                                             

fl, cl, hn, perc, vln, vc

6 mins


O VOS (chamber version) [2004]                  

arr. for cl., vibraphone, vln, vc,

3 mins


NOT MUCH [2003]                                                              

For flute, oboe, viola and harp


SHE LOOKS UP [2002]                                                        

for mixed open ensemble


IN THE WHITE HOURS [2001]                           

versions for: shakuhachi, percussion, violin, piano

alto sax, percussion, piano [2002]



TOWARDS THE SEA [2000]                                             

trio for clarinet, viola and cello

6 min.


POND LIFE [2000]

recorder quartet 

6 min.


A SECTORAL WEB SPANNING AN OPEN DOORWAY [1999]                                            

trio for clarinet in A, bassoon and piano                         


9 min. 

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